Did You Go to Tally-Ho?

If so, and we haven’t communicated yet, GREAT! Having YOU read this is precisely what we wanted to happen!

Hopefully you can visualize us now – we’re smiling!

In addition to memorializing the spirit and importance of Tally-Ho Music Camp, gaining your attention is the primary reason this website was created. We’ve hoped that, via Googling to see “whatever might be out there” regarding Tally-Ho, this site would serve as a magnet and enable former Tally-Ho campers to “come home” again. Up until now, despite extensive efforts at Internet-sleuthing, we’ve not yet been able to list you among the large group of former-campers “found”. Chances are highest that you were among the girls who attended TH and have not gone by your maiden name for a long time. And, man or woman, you probably now reside somewhere other than your home town. This is a no-strings-attached free website; our efforts to help former Tally-Ho’ers reconnect has been 100% a “Labor of Love”. We hope you can imagine the delight we have in the fact that you have now ‘found’ us! We’d love to hear from you!

To really put you in the mood, try listening to something you may not have heard for many years; and we bet that it will be instantly familiar.

The peanut-butter jar is half full (if you went to Tally-Ho Music Camp, you’ll likely immediately recognize the simile intended by that reference)… meaning that the whereabouts of roughly half of the total number of 720 kids (see camper profiles) who attended Tally-Ho during its 18 seasons have so far been shared with one another (how great it would be to regain contact with everyone!). Current contact information related to almost 350 former campers has been built into a database that is exclusively reserved for former campers, and otherwise not publicly available. We’d love to have you Contact Us and be added to the list.

Bandshell and hill
’60s-era picture, looking at the hill
and a quiet bandshell
A then-new snackbar

The group of “found” former-campers has for several years been sharing a free interactive private website (separate from this website which you are currently viewing) that is accessible only by individually-established passwords. As newly-recovered photos from former-campers are regularly uploaded, back-and-forth comments are often exchanged; it holds copies of more than 90% of all Sunday-evening programs performed between 1948 and 1965, and displays other memorabilia. As a result of once-again knowing where long-ago pals reside, many former-campers have informally gotten together in small groups in various locales, in addition to reminiscing at the large gathering at a general reunion in 2006.

Solitary Memories
At the reunion, this former-camper simply stretched out on the lawn, quiet and alone, just savoring memories and the moment

Two views you’ll most certainly recall from “way back when”. Sadly, the barn burned down in 1978 and the bandshell is now in ruins.
Bandshell Sign
Bandshell Sign

By creating Tally-Ho, Mr. and Mrs. B began to share their wonderful dream, and from their inspiration, many people subsequently greatly benefited. A huge outpouring of goodness and affection has resulted in the fact that so many former-campers have become reacquainted. For us, as mentioned above, our efforts toward creating and maintaining this website have been a pure “Labor of Love”. We had great fun when at Tally-Ho and it’s neat that so many former-campers are enjoying reconnecting with one another.

Tally-Ho stained glass
Tally-Ho stained glass