Saturday Evening

The banquet room is all decked out with red everywhere. Are you going to get dressed up? I want to sit over there. Listen to those former-campers play jazz… Wow! There’s Chris, I used to have a crush on him. So did I. So did I. So did I. He still looks so great. His brother, Lars, gave the invocation – he was so peaceful when he talked. And their sister, Joy, made up the songbooks. This dinner buffet is great. Can we keep the coasters with the Tally-Ho coach logo on them? Oh, good, Hank said it’s OK to take them. Look at that cake, it’s beautifully decorated with the Tally-Ho logo, too. Everybody is mixing so well; I was concerned that I wouldn’t know anybody, or that nobody would remember me. I remember your Mom, she did my camp laundry several times – that was so considerate. Wow, there are people here from New Mexico. I didn’t know that Wynton was Canadian. Barb, Bonnie and Lee sure were cut-ups at Camp, but all good musicians. Why does Fred’s tuba have so many valves? That’s amazing, he designed it that way and had it made in Europe! Some other people have stuff to say. More singing… this is neat. Marty is getting the band tuned up again. That’s pretty neat music he brought. Shhhhh, they’re distributing the parts to the Tally-Ho March. The band is playing the Tally-Ho March. I never thought I’d ever hear it again. I remember it, exactly. Fred Fennell conducted the band one week when I was at Tally-Ho. This band sounds great! Look at all those flute players! They’re going to stand for the piccolo-part of Stars & Stripes. Hey, they can still do it. Oh, wow, Fred’s now playing the piccolo-part on his tuba. He and Bev were at Tally-Ho at the same time; they knew each other in Pennsylvania. Marty seems so serious. The audience is having so much fun listening to the band, but still talking with EVERYBODY. Now the jazz group is setting up again. I left after dinner last night and didn’t hear them. I heard them last night; they are SUPER. You are right. Is there still any wine left? Oh, good. I’m so glad that I came.

Bonnie, Barb and Lee
JT (Jean) edited the booklet – She also created our private website
Fred handles his tuba, with kid gloves
Bobbie, Jane and Greg
Linda was always smiling
Sue C. managed all the logo-clothing orders
Little Becky is now a Big-time Doc
Hank thanks Lars for his thoughtful invocation
Everybody found it very easy to talk with everyone else
Maestro-Marty and the Tally-Ho Music Camp Reunion Band
Joseph Henry flew in from Montana to conduct string-players

The reunion in 8 parts