Sunday Brunch

Wonderful Nancy had no idea what she was getting into when she offered to host the pot-luck Farewell Brunch at the idyllic hillside hide-away where she and her husband, Don, reside above Honeoye Lake. It was a delightful, and very relaxed, indoor/outdoor party (so much so, that a year later she hosted a mini-reunion!).

Nancy and Don had permanently converted a carport into an open porch area
Nina and Hank chatting
Chris and Joe “go for the good stuff”
Duke takes a quiet stroll in Nancy and Don’s relaxing gardens

All Wonderful Musical Compositions Must Eventually End; so too, did the Tally-Ho Music Camp 2006 Reunion. It turned out that when leaving for home after Nancy’s brunch, folks had as much trouble controlling their emotions as everyone always used to have when Tally-Ho seasons ended each year. And, delightfully, everyone thoroughly enjoyed shedding tears of happiness.

Although the sages write prose and poems, saying that “you can’t come home again”, WE DID!

The reunion in 8 parts