Saturday Luncheon

Complimentary breakfast in the motel’s just-renovated table area. We OWN this motel. Look, who’s that? You’re right, it is HIM! You’re wrong, that can’t be HER! Thank heavens, nametags with old pictures on them. The banquet-room doors are open. More hugs and hellos. More pictures to look at. Lots of items on the Chinese auction table. What’s a Chinese auction? Look, a tambourine marked “property of Tally-Ho Music Camp” on the inside. Who made that gorgeous framed “Tally-Ho” needlepoint? Unbelievable, an actual red windbreaker from Tally-Ho! What’s a Chinese auction? A bugle call announces Mess Call. Plenty of food to choose from along the buffet. Every table has a year marker, but I went to Tally-Ho for 3 seasons-so where do I sit? Doug Bradley arrives! He brought more old pictures and, he’s holding the REAL Tally-Ho silk FLAG in front, with Hank! Oh, you can sit anywhere… great. This food is pretty good. You know, it was fun talking with those campers from ’49, and ’63, and ’57, and every year; we really have a LOT IN COMMON! Some brief introductions. Lots of laughing and joking. A few announcements and introductions. Some choral singing, led by Bob Wadsworth and Dan — yeah! A lower brass group gathers and starts playing some darned good stuff. More hugs and laughs. I’ve got to go get ready to drive over to Camp. See’ya there!

Lots of catching-up to do; so how’d you get to Minnesota, Susan? “oh, so that’s Marty in yellow; he conducted last night, and will again tonight”
Carolyn, Posey, Trudy and JT
Bobbie, Cheryl, Mimi and Judy (F)
Rick checks old photos; those faces are small
Irondequoiters-three Mike, Rich and Don
Bev and Fred, both Tally-Ho’ers, married more than 50 years
The lower brass group was excellent
Dan conducts the chorus
Warner brought along a sax composition, “Elegy for Alto”,
for his Tally-Ho mentor, Don, to autograph. Don wrote it for Warner at Camp in the early 1950s

The reunion in 8 parts