Following are a review of activities prior to the Tally-Ho Reunion and a large collection of pictures taken at the events during the weekend as former-campers returned to again visit and celebrate their times at Tally-Ho Music Camp.

It also includes a large collection of captioned pictures taken during the Reunion by a large group of former-campers and other guests at the week-end. All of the pictures on this website are included within a much larger group of photographs (exceeding 1000) on a free interactive private website (separate from this website which you are currently viewing) that is accessible only by individually-established passwords.

Reunion Banner
Old friends
Playing together again

Getting Ready

As explained by Rachel Tuttle Penn in the history section, extensive research begun in 2005 to locate former Tally-Ho campers was highly successful. Early in 2006, registration information regarding an All-Years Tally-Ho Music Camp reunion, scheduled for the following June 30 to July 2, was mailed to all former-campers who had been located.

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That so many former-campers were located and contacted was the successful collective work of many people, primarily Doug, of course! Huge efforts also came from Gail, Jean, Barb, Don, Rick and Warner. They were all miracle-workers. Somehow, right up to the reunion, they all continued to find time to devote to developing positive leads (and making hits!) about additional TH’ers!

Quickly, reservations started pouring in for motel space that had been pre-blocked in Geneseo, NY. Quite a few of the advance-registrants made voluntary contributions to help the Reunion’s finance coffers, a tidy sum that was enthusiastically put to use. Overall, the outpouring was impressive evidence revealing the importance of memories from when the “still kids” planning to attend had been Tally-Ho campers.

Ready For Everyone At The Tally-Ho Music Camp Reunion were…
Reunion Items
Table Settings
TH Reflections and Songbooks to Again Celebrate the Tally-Ho Spirit…
Tables Well Set… and Even A Lively Calliope…
Weatherworn, The Jockey Had Long-Waited For Us In The Front Yard…
And of Course……… A Cake Had Been Baked!
Old Times Could Be Re-Lived Over Reunion Coffees With Old Pals
…And Loads of Memories Would Be Happily Toted Home

To everyone’s eventual good fortune, many other people were volunteering to assume important responsibilities to make sure the reunion would be successful AND FUN FOR EVERYONE ATTENDING. (Another) Sue agreed to manage what turned out to be a huge “T-H Logo” shirt order-and-delivery operation. She also agreed to work with fellow-woodcrafter Rich to make a duplicate of the original Tally-Ho Sign that hung in front of the fence out by the road that was presented to Monica & Bob, current owners of where Tally-Ho Music Camp existed. What a Quality First-Class Job They Did! Cheryl came up with a great suggestion about how to smoothly conduct a raffle of donated-items at the reunion, proceeds from which helped finance logo-d and other items in reunion gift-bags. Lars set us up in a better, larger venue for the Friday evening dinner.

Reunion items
Sign replica
Taking stock

Rachel and Mary Gail, with design assistance from Jean (who added that chore to LOTS of searching and website-creation efforts] enthusiastically took on design, preparation and production of the Reunion Booklet that was presented to every former-camper at the reunion. These three, all flutists during their collective 16 years spent at Tally-Ho, dedicated a huge “labor of love” to the final product and everyone was amazed at how it turned out. They “did Tally-Ho proud”!


The souvenir totebag held a copy of the Reunion Booklet, as well as some decals (one reversed, for car windows), a CD of a ’62 TH recording, a songbook, coasters (one ceramic), coffee cups, mousepad and (yes, that’s what it appears to be), a Tally-Ho/logo’d jar of Wegman’s peanut butter

Big thanks are also due to an extra-special couple. Literally the day he first was “Found” by the searchers, an enthusiastic Mike started packing up his professional video/recording equipment and promised that he’d still enjoy the Reunion as a former-camper, even if behind a viewfinder lens for lots of it. His talented wife, Mary Ann, took hundreds of still photographs, many of which were in a “Bonus Section” of the final DVD product, intricately timed with both music performed at the Reunion and from old camp recordings. A few weeks after the event, after editing many hours of sights and sounds, his finished DVD arrived in the mailboxes of Reunion attendees. Wow, Mike is some producer!

Mike filming
Mike filming
Mike producing his DVDs

The reunion in 8 parts