Friday Evening

First, find your envelope at the registration table, then: “Great to see you!”, “Wow, you’ve hardly changed!”, “Give me a big hug!”, “I didn’t know YOU were coming!”, “Holy Cow, it IS you!”, “Oh-My-God… My FIRST KISS!”… and lots more. Then lots more hugs and laughs looking at posterboards and tables loaded with old pictures, before dinner tables were called. Singing the Welcome Song (Wow, did those words ever stick with me!). Who’s that playing the obbligato? Plenty of food. Moving chairs into a large semi-circle for some chorus singing. Songbooks for everyone to keep. Bob Wadsworth still as precise as ever. Singing old favorites from concerts-past. Applause from the guests. Setting up the chairs again, this time for the band. About 50 former-campers (also several spouses!) brought along their horns. Marty getting ready to conduct a sight-reading-rehearsal. Uh-oh, he’s going around with a tuning machine. Uh-oh again, he really wants the right dynamics played. Wow, Marty’s really serious about this— OK, that’s a good thing. Chatter from every table, but it stops when Marty raises his baton and stares at the crowd. This is FUN. More chatter and table-hopping. A jazz ensemble takes over— AND THEY’RE SUPER!

As the crowd slipped away, fatigue set in for everyone. Let’s get some sleep, tomorrow will be even better— if my adrenaline can keep kicking in.

Gail started playing the Camp Song and it took only two beats for 150 people to enthusiastically join in!
Jim still had the obbligato memorized
John, Barb, Hank and Joyce all brought their clarinets
MG checked out one of 15 poster boards each holding more than one dozen pictures
Tony took a picture of lots of pretty gals
AND, here’s the shot he got!
Dinner entrees, going fast
Tally-Ho jazz group, deciding what key to play in
Sue hands out songbooks that Joy designed
“The Sopranos” (circa 1950s)
Bob Wadsworth, conducting the TH Chorus
Bringing out the best in us, yet again
Chris, Marty & Craig Three tenors
(or maybe basses)
Ellen studies the 116-page Reunion Book

The reunion in 8 parts