Camp Property Visit

Who knows the way, I know I’ll get lost? He’s got a map, follow them. It’s only 12 miles. Oh, yeah, I remember this cut-off. Here comes the hill; it’s at the bottom. Look at all those cars parked along the road. There’s the house, it looks the same! That’s not the same old carriage-house barn. Oh, no – you say it burned down in 1978? Where are the buildings? Where is the pool? The lawn sure looks nice, but I don’t remember everything being so wooded. Where are the cabins? Where’s the snack bar? Well, it has been more than 40 years since all those buildings would have last been used. Look, the jockey is still there! And there, that’s the original conductor’s cottage; it still looks the same. He said we could go into the old mess hall. The stage is still the same. Wow, there are some of the old plates piled above the old sink! The floor of the mess hall looks so tiny and there aren’t even any tables down there. I want to walk around, everywhere! This is wonderful. That group is going to hike through the woods to find the bandshell. I heard there is poison ivy. My, there are a lot of trees. Can you believe that; it’s the actual pricelist of snackbar stuff; that was on the wall – I remember it. Can we walk across the road to see if we can find the old swimming hole? There used to be lots of split-rail fence. More food is at tables out in the lawn. Look, there’s Dale! Isn’t that Barb, Mrs. B’s daughter? Let’s wander some more. This is fantastic. It seems like only yesterday. Bob Wadsworth is going to conduct the Camp Song! There are a lot of people here, that’s for sure. There must be 150 champagne glasses on that table! Everyone is gathering over there. Dan made it to the bandshell; he says the roof collapsed and trees are growing out of parts of it. He also found the old vocal rehearsal shack; you say bedsprings were there? Someone is talking about the old days. Cindy, Ian, Nina and Ellen, Dan, more. Joseph talked about lightning bolts sounding during an outdoor performance. You can’t be serious, that’s little Ronnie?! Fred and Dale said friends in the fire department lent Mr. B hoses to tap the water pipes going to Rochester, so Tally-Ho always had super-pure water; good thing nobody found out. Bob and Monica are so great to invite us all to see what is now their property; they are actually glad we’re here. The replica sign that Rich and Sue C. made is fantastic; Monica and Bob love receiving it as a gift. It’s time for the toast to Mr. and Mrs. B. I think I’m going to cry. Oh, boy, he’s playing taps over there. I am crying, but I’m so happy. I agree with what Nina said, “I’m glad this reunion isn’t over yet.” Let’s go slowly back to the car. I don’t want to leave. Wow, that was emotional.

Former-campers were astonished to see the grounds’ open and quiet appearance; the now filled-in pool lies below this large patch of grass
The Reunion crowd car-pooled from the motel in Geneseo, and parked along the road. Passers-by must have wondered what all the commotion was about.
After 40 years, much of the area that we remember is now thick-and-tall woods, part of which camouflages the bandshell
These folks set out up a still-open path, side of the hill, to search for remains of the bandshell, returning to report only ruins remain, under a collapsed roof
The first to arrive admired a large empty lawn behind the historic old house, now almost 200 years old (built in 1816)
Then the reunion crowd grew and grew in size, finding comfort under the shade of the the old elms… also finding many memories
Three great “originals” from the first group of campers, ’48ers Dale, Ron and Barb
Distinguished and friendly Chris
Bill Bradley’s widow and daughter, and brother
Monica owns the property with her husband. Here she looks on with Wayne and Joanne
A large group gathered to greet popular Dale, both a former-camper and teacher
Bob Wadsworth directed an impromptu chorus in a rendition of the Camp Song
Four years after being a first-year counselor, french hornist Joseph Henry returned to conduct Tally-Ho’s first orchestra
Four clarinetists, Ian, Mike, Tony and Marty. All but Tony learned and honed their talents at Irondequoit HS
Two former-campers crafted a beautiful replica Tally-Ho sign that was “presented to the house”, to be cared for by Bob and Monica the current owners of the old Camp-property
Empty champagne glasses await an important duty, helping the Reunion crowd toast the vision, spirit and commitment of Tally-Ho’s founders
“To Mr. and Mrs. B, to whom we all owe so very much”
Hard-working Sue was surprised with a bouquet of Tally-Ho-red roses
At Camp, one of the boys’ responsibilities was dishwashing detail. At the Reunion, the guys were amazed to see some of the exact plates and cups that they used to wash & dry
The stage area, where the Camp staff used to take their meals and where performers used to sit during recitals
Overhead lights made by Doug, who put the sockets into #10 tin cans
From the stage, looking down at the mess hall area – How small the floor is; it used to seem so large.
Those who found their way to the bandshell ruins all returned with mixed emotions. Here, although spared the collapse of most of the roof, a single chair stands in rude disuse, after 40+ winters.

The reunion in 8 parts