Bradley Tribute

Fond remembrances of Tally-Ho Music Camp still reside in most former-campers’ minds. Those were good years in our lives and strong friendships were formed and enjoyed, and memories of those times remain positive today, evidently Very Fond Memories, as witness the turnout for the reunion, an event that will for some be the last such large get-together of our lives. Subsequent to the 2006 Reunion, small groups of former-campers from Tally-Ho Music Camp have gotten together for various mini-reunions in different parts of the country.

That so many former-campers still retain such positive and warm feelings and memories about their summers at Tally-Ho Music Camp is a wonderful tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley. Their influence is still felt today, evidenced by how an extraordinary number of former-campers carried forth from Tally-Ho to become solid citizens and successes in music and many other endeavors. Lessons we learned at Tally-Ho (about life, as well as about music) helped make us better adults, and we all owe Fred and Dorotha deep gratitude.

Tally-Ho Music Camp was a wonderful place, and to have been part of it was a special experience.

Thanks Doug, for sharing your parents, your home AND your yard with each of us.