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Altogether, copies of many hundreds of old pictures have been found and provided to us by a large group of former-campers (practical limitations mean that only some can be displayed in TallyHoMusicCamp.org). Sincere thank-you's are extended to everyone who located and contributed pictures, some now 60 years old. That so many old photographs taken at Tally-Ho Music Camp have been retained for 4-6 decades (depending on when respective former-campers attended) is a testament to the importance that so many "kids" still attach to their Tally-Ho memories and experiences.

For sharing their pictures, MANY THANKS are due to Doug, Gail, Laird, Carolyn, Anson, Rick, Warner, Barb, Charlie, Dave, Fred, Craig, Kathy, Mary Gail, David, Jean, Jan, Liz, Mary Ann, Dorn, Nina, Roger, Bob, Bud, Dan, Ross, Becky, Eddie, Sally, another Barb, another Bob, Jack, Mike, Monica, Wayne, Norm, Chuck, Tim, Tony... and also to the now-departed Shirley, John, Fordyce and my dad - Henry. (In the interest of protecting respective private identities, in this website we have generally refrained from specifying complete names of former-campers [see CAMPER PROFILES].) We apologize if you provided some pictures and don't see yourself on this list; please let us know [see CONTACT US] so we may correct our unintended omission - we definitely want to add you to the other "sleuths" who found long-stored boxes of prints, slides and memorabilia from their Tally-Ho days.

Oh, yeah... about that picture starting out this section- it's from the Wayne County Star newspaper of August 14, 1957. And... it really does have relevance to Tally-Ho Music Camp --- not only to the "music" aspect of the Camp, but also to both "Conductor" and "Parent" aspects.

During that summer, a nine-piece band was hired to play at the Palmyra Fair. The musicians were not associated with Tally-Ho Music Camp. Well... yes they were, sort of -- read on. During a break, members of that band at the fair climbed aboard an elephant, and this picture captured that moment. Two of the eight guys atop this elephant were conductors at Tally-Ho [see CONDUCTORS] and four were parents of TH'ers. The 9th bandsman, standing next to the animal-trainer, is believed to be Bill Cole - trombone, a TH-camper in '56, from Newark. As the Tally-Ho kids had fun while at Camp, so too did this group... a Pack-of-Dads having a Pack-of-FUN aboard a Pachyderm.

Looking from L>R, the four TH fathers are:
- #1 Chet Robb - Newark school band director
- #3 Bob Wadsworth - Newark school choral director and longtime choral director at TH
- #6 John Kinyon - Pittsford school band director and TH band director in '58
- #7 Bob Resue - Lyons school band director
- and standing, Bill Cole TH'56-trombone

The identity of the others (we've been informed that several were also area high school band directors during that era), looking from L>R, are:
- #2 Earl Chapman - tuba
- #4 Paul Thurkins - clar/sax
- #5 Bob Boehmler - clar/sax
- #8 Ron Cox - trombone

Picture Groupings Available for Viewing

If you have looked through the other sections of this website [see OVERVIEW and HISTORY], you have already enjoyed a large group of pictures (many dozen) taken throughout the 1948-1965 period when the Camp was operated by Mr. or Mrs. B [see FOUNDERS]. A collection of all those pictures (brochures and programs have not been included) can be easily perused below:

If you would like to see more photos, a significant number of additional old pictures can also be viewed. Most are selected candid shots, complemented by others that were professionally-taken over the years during the Camp's respective annual "line-up-pose-smile-and-hold'it!" picture day sessions. These photographs are grouped below into three collections covering different time periods:

We trust that you will enjoy the pictures in these three collections; none are available elsewhere within this TallyHoMusicCamp.org website.

Selected additional pictures from when many former-campers gathered in 2006 [see 2006 REUNION], taken at both the former Tally-Ho campgrounds and other venue points during that week-end are combined for viewing in a separate section, as also are pictures taken when various small groups got together for mini-reunions:

Note: Many additional pictures (about 1500 in total) are available to former-campers who are properly registered on the dynamic private website (separate from Tally-HoMusicCamp.org) that is accessible only by individually-established passwords [see DID YOU GO TO TALLY-HO MUSIC CAMP?]. As more photos are found, plans are to continue uploading additional pictures to the private website.

Photo Sections:

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