Who We Are

We are Sue (Lingelbach) & Hank Schmitt, Tally-Ho'ers during the Camp's seasons of 1956-1961 and 1956-1958, respectively (also respectively, piano & viola and clarinet & sax).

By the fence
At Camp, on a Sunday at TH, out by the fence along the road
Sue near the back of the Bradley's house at Camp
Hank, during a tough lesson
Sue managed the snackbar as a counselor
Mom's shirt choice
My Mom picked out that shirt
I still occasionally cut his hair

Having stayed in contact over the decades with a small number of other former-campers, in 2004 we decided to see if by using Internet people-search engines we could locate the whereabouts of others who also went to TH. Initially, we had only modest luck, but gradually, helped by more and more information provided by other former-campers successfully reached, greater numbers of former-campers were "found" (to the point that the whereabouts of more than 350 have been determined [see CAMPER PROFILES], a total of more than 50% of all TH'ers through the years). Of those located, more than a third re-met in person at a 2006 reunion week-end in upstate New York that included an emotional afternoon return to the location where Tally-Ho Music Camp had stood [see 2006 REUNION].

A number of those at the reunion brought their instruments, and a wonderful souvenir video-DVD was made of the group playing the Tally-Ho March. That performance can be enjoyed while you are visiting this website [see TALLY-HO RECORDINGS AND VIDEO]. As a result of the wonderful moments shared by everyone during the reunion week-end, our enthusiasm for maintaining the spirit of Tally-Ho now burns brighter than ever.

With Doug Bradley
It was great to see Doug Bradley again
Snackbar Prices
'50s snackbar prices
Current owners
Returnees at the reunion were graciously hosted by the current owners of the Tally-Ho property
Sue's hard work
All Sue's pre-reunion work paid off!
With Gail
Sharing some fun moments with the assembled crowd, and our old pal, Gail

Email-Contact Address For Us

If you came across this website and are a former camper at Tally-Ho Music Camp, we would love to hear from you [please also see DID YOU GO TO TALLY-HO MUSIC CAMP?]. Or, if someone you know had an affiliation with Tally-Ho Music Camp, then we'd also appreciate learning from you about them. We are enthusiastically dedicated to furthering the "Tally-Ho" spirit and helping former-campers from long-ago enjoy contacting each other.

We regularly monitor the following email address:
TallyHoMusicCampInfo --at--

We intentionally have not posted our personal address or telephone number on this website. However, if you email us with a message (and provide us with your telephone number, if you wish), we will be happy to respond to what appear to be legitimate messages.

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