A Musical Camp in Honeoye, NY (1948-'65)

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Tally-Ho, Everyone!
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This website is an affectionate private effort by long-ago campers at Tally-Ho Music Camp to permanently record and memorialize aspects of what “Tally-Ho” was during the 1948-1965 period when it existed; a wonderful place, a wonderful musical experience, a wonderful environment in which to grow, and now, after many decades, still wonderful memories for us.

Tally-Ho Music Camp ceased operations in 1965.

Our intent in creating this website has been to formally commemorate both the spirit of Tally-Ho (see history) and the experiences and friends we had at the Camp. We met at TH in the mid-1950s, were married in 1964 and still cherish our memories of that time of our upbringing; Tally-Ho Music Camp was a very special time and place to us and many others.

Hopefully some visitors to this site turn out to be fellow former-campers from long ago who wonder “What is this?” when they come upon this website via 21st century Internet Googling. If you are a former Tally-Ho camper (or know the whereabouts of someone who is), you are encouraged to contact us. We have compiled and judiciously made available, current contact-information regarding more than 50% of the great kids who also enjoyed their Tally-Ho Music Camp experiences (see camper profiles). We would be delighted to hear from you.

Please be assured that this website is 100% non-commercial and has no business purpose.